Sugar Free foods Ltd was created by Lynn and Glenn, a brother and sister team.

We both love good food but clearly prefer foods that enhance our health rather than harm it. Being serious about the quality of food doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy nice treats, especially sweet treats. We are totally convinced that food can be as enjoyable, tasty, fun and exciting without being loaded with unhealthy ingredients such as sugar.

How did it all start?

Chocolate first...We love chocolate!   But we don’t love the sugar that’s in it, so Lynn started to make her own chocolate but sugar free. We both loved it. In no time we were hooked. Realising this chocolate was seriously good, too good to keep to ourselves, we decided to go into production for the local farmers market.

It took a long time and some serious spoon licking to get our recipe just right, particularly the sweetener balance. We wanted Erythritol  for its zero glycemic index but with only 70% of the sweetness of sugar it needed more punch so we added Xylitol ,which is a little sweeter but also low GI and like Erythritol great for protecting teeth. Finally we added a small amount of stevia to help deepen the taste.  After lots more trialing we came up with just right balance to give it sweetness that lasted with no after taste.

Time came to expand but having trouble getting a regular supply of our natural sweeteners for our special blend we decided to look into sourcing and selling it ourselves. And here we are, still loving chocolate but happily supplying NZ with good quality natural sweeteners. And hopefully chocolate, before too long.

Health and good food have been a major part of our lives for many years. Owning a health food shop/ restaurant, naturally dealing with severe illness and lots of home study has lead us to know with certainty how important what we consume is too our well being.

As the news of how sugar adversely affects our bodies becomes more understood,  we are all beginning to wonder how to survive without our sweet treats. How will we make a nice dessert or something fun for the kids without using sugar.  With far more healthy options like Xylitol, Erythirtol and Stevia  here to fill that gap, it makes the pleasure of sweet things more available to the health conscious, diabetics and those hoping to lose weight.

We’re pleased you’re joining us on our sweet n healthy journey.